Brandon Long

Denver, Colorado

Brandon Long is an entrepreneur who is a skilled leader specializing in growth within the marketing space.

Early life

Little is known about Long’s personal life before his career. What is known is he is originally from California and earned an early start to his career by opening his own car detailing business. He later moved on to work for a marketing company before he transitioned into leading his own companies.

“When I was in high school, I ran a mobile automotive detailing company. When I moved away from home, I applied for automotive detailing jobs to get my foot in the door, so I could keep running that business,” Long said in an interview. “I ended up being hired by a marketing company that had me traveling all over the country, learning sales, marketing and training and, through that experience, I became interested in the marketing industry.”


Long is an accomplished entrepreneur who specializes in leadership development and strategic growth within the marketing industry. Originally from Grass Valley, California, he has made his home in Denver, Colorado.

Over the course of his career, Long has provided an array of consulting services such as location management, business and personal training, client retention, market research, and expansion. He has effectively managed multiple clients and coached others on effective business strategies. In 2019, Long partnered with non-profit organizations to expand his impact.

Long’s entrepreneurial spirit was apparent from a young age when he started his first business, an automotive detailing company, while still in high school. After leaving home, he pursued automotive detailing jobs, but eventually found himself working for a marketing company where he honed his skills in sales, marketing, and training through hands-on experience.

Currently, Long holds consulting roles for several companies, helping them achieve success through his expertise and guidance. In addition to his professional pursuits, Long enjoys a passion for adrenaline sports, including mountain biking, rock climbing, and snowboarding in the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Net Worth

Brandon Long’s net worth isn’t public information.