Bhaktraj Singh

Toronto, Canada

Bhaktraj Singh is a Toronto-based business professional with more than a quarter century of experience in various industries, ranging from real estate development, business services, and technology.

Early life

Singh studied mergers and acquisitions at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a business school, and private Ivy League research university. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Science from York University, as well as a Master of Business Administration from Florida International University. His educational background gave him the building blocks needed to become a successful executive working in the real estate sector.


As chief executive officer of Hazelton Group, Bhaktraj (or Raj) Singh directs the development and management of mid-rise residential condominium projects. In his position, he oversees all aspects of each Hazelton Group project, from selecting and acquiring land to delivery and registration. Singh also handles the hiring of architects, engineers, planning consultants, construction management and sales/marketing teams to execute each project.

Hazelton Group was initially founded in 2016 after the acquisition of land in Mississauga to build a 14-storey condominium, as the brand for all future development projects.

In addition to leading Hazelton Group, Bhaktraj Singh is particularly passionate about assisting with the development and implementation of Alzheimer’s residences. With the rates of dementia and Alzheimer’s on the rise, Singh wants to address the issue within the Burlington community.

Singh and his other company, Adora, have successfully implemented the key elements necessary to optimize their designs and are working to execute plans on building Alzheimer’s residences in Burlington to supplement the shortage of long-term care facilities.

Singh and Hazelton Group have been approached by several joint venture partners to develop residences across Ontario, but to date no formal agreement has been signed. Singh and Hazelton Group are very selective in choosing business partners and will only join forces where the business values, vision and integrity of business partners align.

According to the Landmark Study by the Alzheimer Society of Canada, data suggests that every day in 2022, an average of 350 people in Canada were diagnosed with dementia. For every person in Canada who has dementia, a family member or friend will spend on average 26 hours a week caring for them.

It is also reported that by 2030, there will be a 40 percent increase in cases of dementia. These estimated numbers were released by the World Health Organization, suggesting that this 40% increase will occur by the end of the decade, from 55 million to 77 million, highlighting the need for increased care.

Singh also has an interest in the technology sector and is currently preparing to launch a Tokenized Asset Offering under Digital Block – a security token offering platform-based ERC 20 tokens.

When Singh isn’t working or planning, he enjoys sports and volunteering. He has had the opportunity to play an important role in arranging a number of medical mission trips for doctors at the George Washington Medical Faculty Associates. Additionally, he enjoys golfing, cycling, playing cricket, and following his favourite sports teams.

Net Worth

Bhaktraj Singh’s net worth isn’t publicly known. He has been involved in the start-up and sale of various businesses over the years.


Hazelton Group successfully completed the Development & Construction of Guildwood Condos, a $45 Million dollar project in Scarborough.
Successfully arranged a multiple medical mission trips for doctors at the George Washington Medical Faculty Associates