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Active Business Services (ABS) is an energy management firm based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The company works with commercial, industrial and institutional clients to develop innovative solutions in energy procurement, risk management, and conservation commitments. Active Business Services provides comprehensive sustainability and efficiency assessments, offering a deep understanding of the complexities of managing energy needs while reducing environmental footprints. 


Active Business Services was established in response to the deregulation of the Ontario electricity market. The founders recognized a need for businesses to understand the new models for energy procurement and tailor solutions for their size and scope. Active Business Services expanded its offerings with natural gas and energy conservation solutions, responding to the growing demands and challenges faced by Ontario businesses in managing their energy costs and sustainability goals.

Products and Services

Active Business Services provides commercial and industrial facilities with an assessment of their energy uses and needs, starting with an analysis of past energy consumption along with average rates and usages of the industry and region. They create a comprehensive report using propriety software and a team of experienced consultants, offering suggestions for savings and efficiency measures.

Using the report, Active Business Services partners with clients to determine an energy procurement strategy that suits their size and scope. The team utilizes current market trends and relationships with suppliers to provide competitive rate and contract information. 

Along with this advice, Active Business Services provides forecasts on market shifts and price fluctuations. They offer risk management strategies to consider alongside an energy plan, with details on managing peak hours and implementing curtailment measures. 

Understanding the volatile nature of energy markets, particularly in natural gas, ABS offers risk management solutions to protect businesses from price fluctuations and unexpected market shifts. The company’s risk management experts work closely with clients to develop and implement strategies that mitigate financial risks associated with energy procurement, ensuring budget stability and cost predictability.

Committed to promoting sustainability, ABS provides energy conservation services aimed at reducing energy consumption and lowering environmental impact. Through detailed energy audits, retrofit recommendations, and the implementation of energy-efficient technologies, ABS helps clients achieve significant energy savings and improve their operational efficiency.

Active Business Services is dedicated to advancing sustainability and environmental stewardship in the business sector. The company actively promotes energy conservation and the adoption of green technologies, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the promotion of a cleaner, more sustainable future. ABS’s commitment to corporate responsibility is also evident in its community involvement and support for various environmental initiatives and programs.


ABS has garnered recognition for its excellence in energy management and its contributions to promoting sustainability within the Ontario business community. The company's innovative approach has been acknowledged through various industry awards and certifications.
One recent example of Active Business Services’ commitment to environmental causes is the company’s purchase of more than 90,000 tonnes of Certified Emission Reduction (CER) credits from landfill gas capture facilities in Peterborough, Ontario. These CERs offset a portion of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by Active Business Services customers.

Active Business Service Reviews

Active Business Service Employee Reviews:

Financial Analyst (Former Employee)
★★★★★ – Supportive Workplace

This was actually my second analyst job after a pretty bad experience right out of college and this was like a 180 from that. The work was interesting and challenging, my co-workers were great, and the company itself was supportive. I had to move but probably would have stayed otherwise.

Supportive company, great co-workers, interesting work, I never felt like I was bored or had nothing to do

fast paced sometimes but I didn’t mind

 Analyst (Current Employee)
★★★★★ – Opportunity w/ plenty of potential

I have been working at Active Business Services for 5 years. The atmosphere is employee friendly and management is always looking for ways to improve. Flexibility with schedule and great opportunity for growth if you are willing to apply yourself.

Working with very smart people, great culture.

Encourage management to continue to listen to employee feedback

Active Business Service Customer Reviews:

★★★★★ – Great service for business owners

★★★★ – Indispensable advice

★★★★★ – Have relied on their expertise for many years